Home Organization For The New Year

The holidays are over and it's time to get your home back in order for the New Year. We all dread getting those Christmas decorations back to storage for the year, not to mention all of the new items that will need storage space. If you're like me the task of trying to figure out how to get your home back in order seems a little daunting. We have listed 5 tips to help you organize, declutter, purge and donate. So, step back, take a deep breath and get ready to be clutter free.

1. Declutter

Decluttering doesn't cost a dime. Take this time to get rid of stuff that has been laying around without a purpose. Throw away anything that isn't being used or hasn't been used in a while. Getting organized will help you get 2019 started on the right foot.

2. Not sure where to start? Don't Panic, Start Small! 

First, pick a drawer. We all have the infamous "Junk Drawer", for example. This would be a great place to start your organization. Take the drawer out, go through all of the contents, and figure out what to keep and what should go. After you are done, wipe out the drawer, place the items you are keeping back in the clean drawer, and move to the next.

3.One Room At A Time

Now that you are in the mood to organize and inspired to keep moving, pick a room. Move top to bottom throughout the room pulling out everything you have stored. Be sure to look at everything, throwing away things that are broken or worn out and donating things that are useful, but no longer needed. Make sure to get enough work done to see obvious results.

4. Donate and Dispose Of What You Don't Need

By now you should have a couple of bags that are labeled Donate or Dump. Make sure those things you no longer need or want are donated to someone that may need or want them. The things labeled Dump need to be properly placed into your trash receptacle so they can't be distributed back into the home.

5. Create A System To Keep It Clean

Now that you have your house neat and reorganized, life, unfortunately, returns to normal and gets hectic again and all of your hard work is at risk of returning to its former unorganized condition. Take this time to make chore boards for the family so that things are put back in the proper place. Everyone in the household must contribute in order to keep the home clutter and stress-free.